Do you feel emotionally disconnected from your spouse or partner?

There comes a point in every relationship where we can feel a bit “disconnected” from our partner. ... Maybe you feel kind of emotionally distant. Leslie has developed strategies to enhance your relationship.

Are you on a relationship fueled by anger?

Anger is a form of pain and can have serious consequences for your relationships. Staying in a relationship with a resentful or angry person is a challenge. Let’s find ways to embrace your emotions.

Want to learn how to recover from infidelity?

Have you been unfaithful or have you discovered that your partner was unfaithful? While most people go after forgiveness, Leslie’s unique system will take you out of the ordinary and uncomfortable track. An affair doesn't have to mean the end of your relationship.

Are you struggling with bonding and intimacy?

Sometimes is difficult to achieve clarity when it comes to intimacy. Lack of intimacy, often, means lack of connection. Discovering your partner’s love language will create unlimited memories and will restore your relationship, like when you were dating!

What if you can spark your relationship adding variety?

When was the last time that you had your breath taken away? They say “variety is the spice of life”. However, it’s easier to say it than getting it done. If your relationship is paying the price of your personal growth and career growth, there is a way to find harmony.

Struggling with expressing your emotions in an effective manner?

Studies show that a lack of communication is the number one reason couples get divorced. How many times do you catch yourself saying “yes” when you really mean “no?” Do you say, “I don’t know” for fear of being judged, dismissed or rejected? Let’s get you master your emotions and communication skills.

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InFluential captures emerging trends on the verge of shaping our world as exemplified through avant-garde leaders who inspire us on personal and professional levels.


My story as a couple expert!


Leslie Montoya is a well-respected, certified life coach by the Robbins-Madanes Institute; host and producer of Despierta Austin, on Univision Channel 62 in Austin Texas: and an Emmy Award Winner.
With over a decade of experience, Leslie’s giftedness as a professional communicator has propelled her to help couples deepen their connection on all levels.
She focuses on coaching married, engaged or otherwise committed couples and is most passionate about helping them co-design the relationship of their dreams.

Having a great marriage is not easy. It takes a lot of work and intentionality! Plus, let’s face it many have never been taught how to have a great marriage! And when it comes to sex, we all have some degree of shame, embarrassment and/or anxiety. Leslie wants to change all of this and her overall mission is to transform families.
Through her private practice, Leslie is available for confidential relationship counseling. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Personal Info

  •   PO box 4545 Austin, Texas 78756


What Are My Clients Saying?
I’m living a new life, thanks to Leslie. I was going through a crisis, trying to have a baby, suffering miscarriages, and felt hopeless. My self esteem was very low. After working with Leslie, she helped me to evaluate my entire life’s purpose. She gave me the tools to change my negativity, and that transformed all my relationships. I feel self realized and happy in my different roles: as a mother, wife and friend. I even do more fun things!

Cristina Marinelarena

My wife and I reached out to Leslie after watching one of her coaching interventions on t.v. I will never forget how much she impressed me during our first session. She was able to get the two of us to talk about issues that we had never talked before. With her guidance, we have been able to spark our marriage and most importantly, we have received several strategies to connect better, communicate better, and solve conflicts better. Leslie is a professional in all that she does. She has charisma, she is humble, and she gets people really quick.

Juan Gallegos

I will never forget how I found Leslie. A friend of mine introduced her as a great resource for couples. I am married with 4 children and I treasure every opportunity that can help me improving my role as a woman, wife and mother. I was struggling with balancing my different roles. In just one session with Leslie, she gave me a homework to practice with my husband that made a big impact to our marriage. We understand each other much better. I personally feel that I accomplish what I was looking for. Leslie's 90 Days Challenge for Couples is a must!

​Jessica Campos​

" When somebody ask me how do I met the love of my life and how I had accomplish my goals, the conversation always ends in Leslie. In my life everything seem so great, I was growing my own business doing good, but I didnt have anytime for myself. I was feeling something was missing in my life to start dating somebody, the business was observing me so much that I couldnt be myself anymore because I didnt have time for anything else. I cant describe how much the sessions with Leslie has change my life since day one, it was like she changed a chip on my mind. I was able to put my life in order and have the "me time" to meet the guy and be the best version of myself. Now when I tell to my friends how everything happened it seems that was magical but it actually took the sessions and exercises to change what I was doing wrong and have the life I always wanted. "

Priscilla R. Gallardo


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